November 10, 2007

For the Rest of NaNoWriMo I Shall Be Working On…

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Title: Sloane Rangers and Lager Lovelies
Author: Dryad
Rating: X, NC17
Spoilers: Fire-ish
Archive: Please do.
Summary: ‘Green and pleasant land’ indeed, he mused, shuffling along with the crowd, hoping to board the Circle line before the doors closed. He couldn’t imagine London ever being anything less than dirty and grey and filled with people he didn’t like.



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My first bit of XF poetry:

Disclaimer: Alas, alack, they are not mine. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Title: Almondine
Author: Dryad
Rating: PG13, MSR,
Spoilers: Paganism and Christianity
Archive: Yes please. A note where would be nice.
Summary: A meditation on love
Note: I am not a poet.

My love eats brown almonds
One by one
Slipping past ripe lips
Onto a pink tongue
Between white teeth
As easily as myself
During long nights
And short days
On cool cotton
Warm flannel
Hot silk skin

Like Devi, she is many things incarnate
Shakti – universal energy
Kali – mother of death, destroyer of worlds
Durga – purging the world of evil
Parvati – passion personified

Almonds were wedding favors
of long life
of love abundant
of joy expressed
in medieval days passed

My love eats brown almonds
And consumes me
Regurgitates me whole
Like Isis she brings me back to life
In Christ Risen she rejoices
Eating marchpane of old
Simnel cake
And marzipan
On Easter Sunday

My love eats brown almonds
And smiles

Trying To Finish…

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…what I’ve started.

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